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This post is by Fabiana Bacchini:

The room was quite dark when I entered it. My heart was beating so hard I thought everybody could hear it.  I felt ridiculous in a baby blue butterfly costume that I once used during the Carnival Parade in Brazil. The scenario, however, was quite different here. I was in Vancouver with a bunch of people I had never seen before. Mostly Americans and Canadians.   I have to perform on stage in front of all those people any time now. 

The waiting was endless. I did’t know when they would call my name. Before I go on, I wasn’t on a talent show.  I was in a room completely out of my comfort zone about to perform in a public speaking course that I had paid almost seven thousand dollars to attend. Had I lost my mind?  

I kept staring at the door wondering if I should leave before they call me. Too late! My name was called and the next thing I remember was fifty people staring at me. After the 4 minute-performance, a powerful feeling took over my body. I WAS UNSTOPABLE!  I could do anything, anytime, anywhere.

My breakthrough came later that night though. After everyone’s performance, there was a sharing portion. For the first time in my life, I raised my hand without knowing exactly what I was going to say. To my surprise, the lady on stage said, you in the butterfly costume. I stood up and I recall roughly what I said:

“My name is Fabiana, I’m from Brazil. I was very excited about this course, but during my first hour here, I thought to myself what am I doing here? What are these people going to think about me, is she crazy, she has a strong accent, how can she possibly be a public speaker? I wanted to leave so badly. But I was never a quitter so I stayed….I was raised looking up to you guys, North Americans. For me, everything you do, the education you have, the life you have is perfect and ideal. After all, you are people from a First World society whereas I am from a developing country.  But tonight I realized that we are all the same despite where we are born. I have realized that we are all vulnerable and ultimately we all want to be accepted and loved. I have also realized that I can do anything and succeed in anything I put my mind to.”

This event happened in February 2006 and I must say that I’ve changed my life 100 per cent since then.

I was trained to be a good employee and not to think on my own.

I graduated from Journalism school in 1993 and finished my Master’s Degree in 2001. I always had lucrative jobs in the industry. I moved to Canada in 2002 and of course I faced many difficulties acquiring a job as a journalist. After all, English is my second language and I didn’t understand a thing about the Canadian culture and life.

However, I eventually was employed by a community television station where I worked for two years. I was quite content even though  my wages were very minimal. (I paid more for my house cleaner), but I didn’t care. I was gaining ‘Canadian experience’.  That’s when I was invited to attend a three day seminar that made me think that I had so much potential to pursue new endeavors and be truly happy.

I could be my own boss, create my own hours and feel more fulfilled. Without thinking, I went back to work the following day and officially resigned for good. It was LIBERATING!!!! I had no clue what I was going to do, but everything falls into place when you set the intention. The universe aligns with your purpose.

I created my vision, my mission and my core values.   I then was a business owner with an ultimate goal to help women in need. It was a tough transition, as I had to be very disciplined and focused on my goals.

For five years, I ran an importing and distribution company in Toronto. I had the best of both worlds.  I was living here and doing business with my home country. I could go and come back as was required. During this time I came across many women who needed my help and support.

Life is always changing, however, and you always have to be open to new possibilities and opportunities keeping in mind your dreams and goals. After I had my son in 2009, my priority changed and my wish to help women increased – maybe it is a maternal instinct.

I was no longer satisfied with my company.  I had attended several personal development courses along the years. I learned so much about myself and the world around me. I unleashed a powerful me. Everyday my vision got clearer and I started to search for a new career. I was no longer destined to do one thing and do it until I die. I was no longer looking for security and comfort. I was so done with mediocrity. I know that I create my own destiny.

In 2010, I closed down my business to really do what I love. First, I found an amazing organization to volunteer and second I became a life coach to help women discover their passion, their goals and live the life they want NOW. The biggest lesson for me came from the breakthrough that night in Vancouver. My fellow immigrants, we are all the same and if I could do it, you can do it too!

Fabiana Bacchini is a Brazilian journalist, MA in Sociology. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner by The American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has been living in Toronto for nine years with her husband and her 22 months old son.  As a life coach, she helps women to re-discover themselves and live the life of their dreams. To contact Fabiana, visit her website at or send her an e-mail to:

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  1. Since I have moved to overseas I’ve always found very hard to speak my mind in public. It is so much easier to write things down, nobody can hear my accent. Thanks for sharing your insights. Our mind has the power to take us anywhere. Thanks to you Fabiana, I am now aware of it. Thanks for introducing me to this amazing world of re-discovering myself.

    • Thank you for the comment, Adriana! I also used to be very worried about people not understanding my accent and making grammar mistakes when I speak and write. But one day, I decided that my accent is a part of who I am. It adds to my personality and is actually kind of sexy ;)) !

  2. Awesome Fabiana.. when I first met you, I never noticed an accent, since you spoke so clearly that I understood everything.. keep up the good work.

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