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This post is by Isalba Inzunza:

Almost one year ago I left my career in the corporate world to pursue my passion for entrepreneurship and fitness.

I came from Mexico to Canada in 2003 and after an MBA and 5 years on Bay Street working for a bank as a Senior Manager within its Risk Management area I found myself wondering if that was all that life and Canada had to offer.

After trying all kinds of diets in my attempts to lose weight, fitness had changed my own personal life for the best and for good. I went from being an inactive and dangerously obese person to loving what I was seeing in the mirror and running a marathon.

I got so passionate about fitness that I completed several certifications: Can-Fit-Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist, Personal Trainer Specialist, Spinning instructor, and my favourite, Zumba® instructor.

I started teaching Zumba® and fitness classes in 2007. I taught before and after work, or at my lunch break. I developed my teaching skills working for several years at gyms and community centers. Once I felt more confident and experienced, I created my website and started selling my own classes by renting studio space on a per hour basis and started  building my own customer base.

The energy, adrenaline, and satisfaction I felt after teaching a high energy and fun class were far away from what my day job had to offer. Especially when you think about feeling alive, being creative, and touching people’s lives with what you do. I love how music, movements, and energy combined can create a truly enjoyable and fruitful workout which helps participants feel better, look better, be healthier, and live longer.

I am fascinated by Zumba®. Given my Mexican background, this new fitness trend based on Latin dance moves and international music is natural and especially energizing for me. Its ultimate goal is to make participants enjoy their experience so that they don’t want to miss their workouts.

I love how being fit makes me feel and what it allows me to do. I wanted others to taste that, especially the less fit ones. I want to help them realize that getting fit and fabulous has nothing to do with painful and boring workouts or with daily starviation.

Getting fit CAN be, and for me it is, a lot of fun and a very enjoyable journey. My ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate others to change their lifestyles while having fun. I always keep educating myself by getting mentoring, going to fitness conferences, taking workshops, and reading books and research based articles. I want to know the latest fitness developments and trends and try to apply them and enrich my classes or create new classes based on them.

I enjoyed fitness so much  that I decided to fully dedicate my career to it and armed with my business degree, more than 10 years of international business experience, my endless optimism, and all my savings, I left my banking career to devote myself to “Izzy Fitness”  – my off-Bay Street studio in the heritage district of Yorkville in Toronto, which I opened on May 1, 2010.

Being a small business owner is not easy. It requires a lot of hard work and time commitment. From setting up the studio, working on the marketing strategy, legal, accounting, negotiating with landlords, managing the administration, hiring and training instructors, advertising, to teaching and preparing classes – it’s a lot of work, stress, investment, and little sleep. Plus, I have no family or support system in this country, therefore, rainy days are hard.

However, as soon as I go and teach a Zumba® class, I realize that I couldn’t find more joy in any other choice. Everyday I receive fantastic demonstrations of appreciation from my lovely clients that make me realize that it was a good decision to leave my corporate job and that I couldn’t change anyone’s life, health, and self-esteem by working in Banking.

In order to become a Zumba® instructor, you are requered to attend an official Zumba® training workshop. These workshops are offered on the regular basis all over the world by Zumba® Education Specialists. A fitness certification and CPR are strongly recommended and required to get a teaching job in most fitness facilities.

You don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy a Zumba® class. If you love music and want to get a fun cardio workout, this is for you. Let the music take over and get a phenomenal work out. I invite you to come and try a Zumba® class at Izzy Fitness. Special offer for the readers of this article – 20% off on your first purchase, go to our website use the promotional code: WOMEN20.

Isalba Inzunza is an Industrial Engineer, MBA, Fitness and Zumba® Instructor. She is the Founder and owner of Izzy Fitness – Zumba & Fitness studio in Yorkville with the mission of providing high quality classes, in a non intimidating and fun environment where everyone feels welcomed and part of the group, with no memberships, long term commitment, or contracts required, quality 100% guaranteed or money back.

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  1. Mariolga says:

    Congrats! Well deserved :-)

  2. Amanda, Zumba Education Specialist says:

    What an inspiration Isalba!!! Congratulations on your success. I am so proud of you and so honoured to have been apart of your journey. All the best in the future! xoxo

  3. Victoria Goncharenko says:

    Great article and a very inspiring life story, Amiga… I’m so proud of you! Lots of love

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