Celebrates One Year Anniversary


This post is by Maria Ushakova:

Last week, we celebrated one year anniversary – it’s been one year since went live on March 20th of 2011. I am so excited! In just one year, the blog has grown from a small project that I started out of my personal interest in blogging into an established and expanding brand.
Often, we are afraid to start something new because we think that we can’t succeed alone. Working on BrilliantWoman, once again proved for me that once you are ready, the Universe will align and the right tools and people will show up on your path and assist you in achieving your goal.

I really believe in the power or gratitude. I think we are often so focused on the things we wish we had that we forget to be thankful for what we already have.  So today, I want to express my gratitude to everyone who directly and indirectly helped me to develop this project to what it is today.

I started this project with very limited knowledge in blogging. But what I quickly realized is that bloggers are the most generous people in the world – they share their knowledge all over the internet for free. I was able to find answers to all questions I had about setting up my blog, customizing it, installing plugins, publishing articles etc. I very much appreciate everyone who is “blogging about blogging” – thank you for sharing your knowledge!

I am also very grateful to the team of StudioPress – the company who developed the wordpress theme I used for the website. I got so much assistance on their support forum that I was able to customize the theme myself which saved me a huge amount of time and money. Without all the wonderful people who gave me great advice and suggestions on the StudioPress support forum this website wouldn’t be here.

I started working on this project alone. I really enjoyed developing the concept, building the website, working on the graphic design and writing the articles. However, after the blog was launched I got very overwhelmed. I realized that I started something that was much bigger then I could handle. I am very fortunate that Fabiana Bacchini agreed to be my partner and Editor at Fabiana is a talented writer, a wonderful life coach, a brilliant business woman and a beautiful person; without her this project wouldn’t be what it is today.

I would also like to thank all of our contributors who took time out of their busy lives to write for our blog. Writing for a blog on a weekly basis is not an easy task and I appreciate each and every guest post, posts by our regular contributors as well as all blog reviews. Thank you for your time and effort!

I am also very grateful to all of our readers! We work on this blog for you and appreciate every comment you leave on the website and on all our social media sites. We spend our time and effort on this project to motivate and inspire you to believe in yourself. I know that every one of you already has everything you need for living a happy and fulfilling life. You just need to find it within yourself.  Our hope is that reading the stories of brilliant women we feature on the blog will bring you one step closer to creating your amazing life. Thank you very much for being a part of our community!

XO Maria

Maria Ushakova

Maria Ushakova is the founder of and advocates optimal wealth and wellness for women immigrants. She created to inspire and empower women immigrants to live the most vibrant and happy lives.

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