Why Failure is a Good Thing


This article is by Gina Mollicone-Long:

Everything that happens to you serves you in some way. Everything. Every time. It doesn’t always feel good but it always serves you. Just as the pain of a paper cut serves to alert you to the injury on your finger so too does the pain of a failure.

Pain is feedback that something is amiss. In this context, failure is simply feedback. You can be instantly freed from the suffering associated with any failure if you grasp (and master) the concept that failure is feedback.

Everything in the Universe is energy (including you and me). We know this because Einstein showed us with the theory of relativity that everything in the universe is just energy in one form or another.

All energy in the Universe is governed by Universal Laws. The most important of these laws is called the Law of Attraction. This law states that like attracts like. Everything that you experience in your physical surroundings is a direct vibrational match to your internal energetic vibration.

Basically, thoughts lead to feelings, these feelings lead to action and action leads to results. In other words how we think and feel creates every experience in our lives. Therefore, if you want to see different results in your life then you must make a change on the inside first.

I often use the analogy of looking in the mirror to explain this principle. When we look in a mirror, we see ourselves reflected. It seems silly, doesn’t it, to blame the mirror if we don’t like what we see? Doesn’t it also seem silly to try to somehow modify the mirror to get a different picture? On the contrary, in order to change the image being reflected, we need to change ourselves.

In other words, if we don’t like the results we get in life, it’s futile to blame the results themselves or our circumstances. To see different results, we must make a change inside of us. This, and only this, will create a different reflection in the mirror. You can’t fix your hair by combing the mirror.

Failure is feedback, nothing more. Failure is just a reflection of something that isn’t working on the inside. It doesn’t hold any hidden meaning about our worthiness and doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try.

It is feedback about what worked and what didn’t work. It contains all the necessary information for us to go back and change something on the inside so that we can produce a different outcome.

If you can master the art of learning from your failures, you will find that you can literally direct your life exactly as you want it. Remember, if you want to find your brightest light then you have to look in your darkest room.


Gina Mollicone-Long helps people get what they want. She is an international best- selling author, compelling speaker and peak performance specialist with a mission to reveal greatness in individuals, teams and organizations. She is the co-founder and CEO of The Greatness Group, a multi-national corporate team building and training company. Since 1998, she has trained, coached or spoken to tens of thousands of people globally. Her books, Think or Sink and The Secret of Successful Failing are widely read and enjoyed by people around the world. She can show you exactly how to get out of your own way.

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