About Us

BrilliantWoman.net is an award winning lifestyle and business blog and an online community for immigrant women.

We publish inspiring stories about women immigrants and discuss subjects that are important to women immigrants living in Canada. We also bring to you ideas, concepts, tools, and events that will help you be happy and successful in the new country.

Immigration is a very difficult experience. It can also be a very long process that sometimes requires several years. During this time, women immigrants often forget their personal goals and aspirations putting the interests of their loved once first.

We all heard hundreds of stories about women immigrants with great education, work experience, business experience from their home countries who have to settle for a j.o.b. in Canada.  Left without support from their families and friends, women immigrants often give up on their dreams, become depressed or feel constantly stressed out juggling work and household duties.

Did you know that according to Statistics Canada, “…immigrant women tend to have lower incomes despite their usually higher levels of education than Canadian-born women? And in 2000, the average income of immigrant women aged 15 and over was just 64% of that of their male counterparts.”

These stats are not just numbers. They represent thousands of women whose dreams and aspirations were lost in transition from one country to another…

But we believe that together we can change that!

Our Mission

1. To celebrate successful women immigrants and showcase their achievements so that when an employer looks at the resume of an immigrant woman she/he sees potential, dedication and talent instead of seeing lack of Canadian experience.

2. To inspire and empower women immigrants to take control of their lives by following their dreams and goals, embracing entrepreneurship and building financial stability so that they create their own success.

We invite you to join our online community and to follow our blog so that we all can learn and grow one inspiration, one story at a time.

With much respect and admiration,

Maria & Fabiana

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