Zumba Fitness ® Fundraiser In Memory of Sonia Varaschin

Share This post is by Marija Bojic: My name is Marija Bojic and I am an immigrant woman from former Yogoslavia. I came to Canada desiring peaceful life, education, and a better life for my family. As I was leaving the war- torn country, I thought that witnessing such tragedies as friends and family being […]

The Journey of a Multi-Tasking Woman to Raise her Autistic Son

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Her journey in Canada started 10 years ago. Nellie Terzieva, 45 years old, from Bulgaria, came to Toronto with a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics and Management and an MBA from the University of Central Florida (UFC) where she also worked as assistant professor. With incredible work […]

Brilliant Woman of the week TRI KIM HOA – Through her Daughter’s Eyes

Share  This post is by Christa Dang: She doesn’t speak much English. The Vietnam War was over, but the new communist government did not take kindly to those who had fought against them.  Because her husband was a South Vietnamese soldier, they believed that staying in Vietnam meant sure death.  The decision to leave their […]

My Own “Infertility” Journey

Share    This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Almost everyday I come across a woman who is trying to get pregnant without success. I hear stories of people who wonder if they can get pregnant and have been trying for years. I see successful career women avoiding the subject all together. The pain and the […]

New Mothers Away From “Home”

Share  This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Moving to another country is already a big challenge. We have to overcome numerous obstacles, fears and the unknown. We have to be patient and understanding. But what happens when you just received the news that a baby is on the way? Well, I didn’t think about it […]

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