Womanhood – the Pinnacle of Strength

Share   This post is by Bibi K.: BE STRONG; BE PATIENT; BE WARY; HOLD FIRMLY TO YOUR BELIEFS; YOU WILL SURVIVE AND SUCCEED. When we come to this country for the first time, it is a very overwhelming experience. Whether we come from a third world country where the socio economic conditions are not […]

Zumba Fitness ® Fundraiser In Memory of Sonia Varaschin

Share This post is by Marija Bojic: My name is Marija Bojic and I am an immigrant woman from former Yogoslavia. I came to Canada desiring peaceful life, education, and a better life for my family. As I was leaving the war- torn country, I thought that witnessing such tragedies as friends and family being […]

Employees – the Greatest Asset of Your Company

Share  This post is by By Gina Mollicone-Long: Do you get the most out of your employees? Do you know how to motivate them? Do you realize that if you or your employees aren’t operating at full potential then you are leaving money on the table? We’ve all heard the old adage that the people […]

How to Stay Healthy This Summer

Share  This post is by Guiomar Campbell Dipl Ac., Sh. RN: Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Those of us who live in Canada really appreciate the sunshine, warmer temperatures and the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Since our summers are so short, it’s especially frustrating when you get sick or feel […]

The Brilliant “Entrepreneurial” Woman – You are in Excellent Company

Share   This post is by  Nance Williams Jonkman: For years I have dreamt of being an entrepreneur.  I searched for the next great thing I could offer and found myself frequently in conversations with other women who had successfully launched their own businesses, but were struggling in one area or another.  I found the […]

A New Beginning at the Age of 37

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Her desire for change empowered her to overcome an addiction of over 12 years. “The doctor told me I was going to die if I carried on drinking”, says Maria Connie Garcia, 53 years old, our Brilliant Woman of the week. “It was a miracle. I just […]

A Business Based on Family Values

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Looking for a safer life, she arrived in Toronto in the middle of the winter 14 years ago. Cindy Sacks and her husband Ronnie left South Africa with very little knowledge about the work opportunity in Canada. Our Brilliant Woman of the Week knew she could pursue […]

Looking for a Better Future

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: You might ask yourself why a successful doctor leaves everything behind to start over in a new country with three kids and no one to help. Her reason is familiar to many immigrant women in this country: to provide a better future for her kids. Habibah Surani, […]

Dreams Do Come True…as Long as You Keep Dreaming

ShareThis post is by Ritva Dale: I had no reason to dream of another life while growing up in Finland. I had my parents and two younger brothers living under the same roof. My parents provided us a wonderful home that they built from scratch by hand with some help from their friends. We always […]

A Search Within

Share  This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. Maya Angelou This is the perfect quote to introduce you to Nashly Mathews, our Brilliant Woman of the Week.  Thursday morning 9.30am. She […]

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