The Similarity between Greek Debt and Personal Borrowing

Share  This article is by Aaliya Dossa: Greece’s debt is extremely high. Spending more than a country can afford, creates debt or borrowing, the same as personal debt (credit card, loans, overdrafts, a line of credit, investment loans or mortgages, etc). When a country has a budget deficit and ‘floats bonds’ in the global market […]

An Idea in Your Head – How to Get Financial Help to Make Your Big Idea a Reality

Share   This post is by Alessandra Sanchez : An idea in your head –  for an entrepreneur, that is basically all that is required.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or your gender, once you have the idea, all you need to do is to look around for support to implement it. What […]

Immigrant Women – a Different Perspective

Share   This post is by Leigh Naturkach: Every day in my role at the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), I hear stories of women and girls facing sometimes unimaginable situations, particularly issues around poverty, violence and trafficking.  At CWF we support programs that work to free Canada’s most vulnerable women from these situations so they […]

What are Your Money Beliefs?

Share  I used to think that in order to take charge of my financial situation I had to hire a financial adviser, open a savings account and find a better paying job. These are all very important steps but, as I found out, they are often not enough. You probably know people who work non-stop, […]

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