How to Stay Healthy This Summer

Share  This post is by Guiomar Campbell Dipl Ac., Sh. RN: Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. Those of us who live in Canada really appreciate the sunshine, warmer temperatures and the opportunity to spend time outdoors. Since our summers are so short, it’s especially frustrating when you get sick or feel […]

The Greatest Enemy of Cancer – Your Immune System

Share   This post is by Guiomar Campbell: Recent findings suggest that the immune system is designed to eliminate cancer. According to Dr. Mercola, osteopathic physician and writer, when a person uses medical interventions (such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy) to eradicate the cancer, they end up damaging the immune system and it fails to respond […]

Natural Immune Care for the Little Ones

Share  This post is by Guiomar Campbell TCMP, Dpl. Sh. RN: Colds, allergies and flu season is here. Nothing is more painful than to see your lovely ones sick and suffering. Before you choose drugs, try a preventative approach. Kids are very strong and with a tremendous ability to heal themselves, as they do not carry […]

Nasal Congestion -Treatment with Natural Herbs and Oils

Share   This post is by Guiomar Campbell TCMP, Dpl. Sh. RN: The winter season is upon us bringing with it a lot of wind, temperature swings and viral infections. We are constantly exposed to these environmental agents and if we have a poor and irregular diet, this can lead to a weakening of the […]

How to Stay Healthy (and Not to Gain Weight) During the Holidays

Share   This post is by Maria Ushakova: Holiday season should be all about re-connecting with your loved ones, enjoying the spirit of the holidays and looking forward to the New Year. Instead, many of us feel stressed out by family and social obligations, shorter days and colder weather. As a result, we often indulge […]

How to Survive Canadian Winter – the Russian Style

Share  This post is by Maria Ushakova: A few years ago, on a cold January morning, my co-worker walked into the office crying. I asked her what happened and she explained to me that she got so cold waiting for a bus that she couldn’t help but cry. I felt really sorry for her but […]

Shiatsu for Fertility

Share  This post is by Guiomar Campbell:  Shiatsu is a very safe alternative medicine for those seeking to get pregnant. It is a Japanese finger pressure therapy based on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Japanese therapy. It can make a woman’s desire to conceive an easy and positive experience. Shiatsu uses gentle but firm thumb […]

Introducing our New Contributor – Guiomar Campbell

Share    The year was 1987. The obstetric nurse moved to Canada with the dream to pursue the same career here. Soon, she found out that she had to go back to school for another four years of training. On top of that, the university did not accept her because her English was not good […]

Dreams Do Come True…as Long as You Keep Dreaming

ShareThis post is by Ritva Dale: I had no reason to dream of another life while growing up in Finland. I had my parents and two younger brothers living under the same roof. My parents provided us a wonderful home that they built from scratch by hand with some help from their friends. We always […]

Searching for Balance

Share   This post is by Maithili Koparkar: Equipped with a degree in science and steeped in the ancient Eastern wisdom, traditions, anecdotes, and lifestyle, I immigrated to Canada a little more than 20 years ago. Right away, my personal goal was to adapt to this new country as best as I could while hanging […]

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