The Brilliant “Entrepreneurial” Woman – You are in Excellent Company

Share   This post is by  Nance Williams Jonkman: For years I have dreamt of being an entrepreneur.  I searched for the next great thing I could offer and found myself frequently in conversations with other women who had successfully launched their own businesses, but were struggling in one area or another.  I found the […]

A Business Based on Family Values

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Looking for a safer life, she arrived in Toronto in the middle of the winter 14 years ago. Cindy Sacks and her husband Ronnie left South Africa with very little knowledge about the work opportunity in Canada. Our Brilliant Woman of the Week knew she could pursue […]

Download the BrilliantWoman Guide to Starting a Business and the Brilliant Businesswoman Reading List for Free

Share  Thinking about starting your own business? We have some tips. Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially, if you are new to this country and don’t have any network to help you get the business idea off the ground. Getting started is also challenging for those with no business background or for people who […]

Starting an On-Line Business

Share   This post is by Renata Runge: A lot of people have been talking these days about starting an online business.  There certainly is no shortage of great products and ideas to sell online and the appeal of a mass market at your fingertips gets many people motivated to take that great leap.  An […]

Discovering a New Passion in Challenging Times

Share      This post is by Fabiana Bacchini:   Brazilian women in Toronto get excited to be invited to a child’s birthday party or a wedding because of her cakes. It’s not just any cake.  It’s the cake made by Beth, our Brilliant Woman of the week. The admiration and enthusiasm of all the […]

Lack of “Canadian Experience” Made This Brilliant Woman Transform Her Hobby Into a Successful Business

Share      This post is by Renata Runge: It happened nine years ago and changed the way I envisioned my work life. Up until then, I was working 9am to 6pm, had one hour for lunch, a boss and everything else that comes with a regular job in a big company. Yes, the money […]

An Idea in Your Head – How to Get Financial Help to Make Your Big Idea a Reality

Share   This post is by Alessandra Sanchez : An idea in your head –  for an entrepreneur, that is basically all that is required.  It doesn’t matter where you come from or your gender, once you have the idea, all you need to do is to look around for support to implement it. What […]

A Lesson in Persistence

Share  This post is by Elena Silaev: I came to Canada in November of 1992 with my husband and a 2 year old son. Out if us 3, I was the only one who spoke English. I have a BA in English and came to Canada with the hope to find a job as an […]

In My Country I was…

Share  Fact: women immigrants are underemployed and often have to work dead end jobs to make ends meet. I know how tough it is to be in this situation because I experienced it myself. In this article, however, I don’t want to go into discussion about recognition of foreign credentials and work experience. I would […]

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