Womanhood – the Pinnacle of Strength

Share   This post is by Bibi K.: BE STRONG; BE PATIENT; BE WARY; HOLD FIRMLY TO YOUR BELIEFS; YOU WILL SURVIVE AND SUCCEED. When we come to this country for the first time, it is a very overwhelming experience. Whether we come from a third world country where the socio economic conditions are not […]

Zumba Fitness ® Fundraiser In Memory of Sonia Varaschin

Share This post is by Marija Bojic: My name is Marija Bojic and I am an immigrant woman from former Yogoslavia. I came to Canada desiring peaceful life, education, and a better life for my family. As I was leaving the war- torn country, I thought that witnessing such tragedies as friends and family being […]

Why Failure is a Good Thing

Share   This article is by Gina Mollicone-Long: Everything that happens to you serves you in some way. Everything. Every time. It doesn’t always feel good but it always serves you. Just as the pain of a paper cut serves to alert you to the injury on your finger so too does the pain of […]

A New Beginning at the Age of 37

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Her desire for change empowered her to overcome an addiction of over 12 years. “The doctor told me I was going to die if I carried on drinking”, says Maria Connie Garcia, 53 years old, our Brilliant Woman of the week. “It was a miracle. I just […]

Outside In

Share   This article is by Gina Mollicone-Long: You already have all the resources you need. How many times have you heard that comment? This is not a new idea nor it is a simple one to grasp but it is true. And, if you make it a principle by which you live then you […]

The Journey of a Multi-Tasking Woman to Raise her Autistic Son

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Her journey in Canada started 10 years ago. Nellie Terzieva, 45 years old, from Bulgaria, came to Toronto with a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics and Management and an MBA from the University of Central Florida (UFC) where she also worked as assistant professor. With incredible work […]

Five Surprising Habits That Could Change Your Life

Share   This post is by Gina Mollicone-Long: When was the last time you did something scary on purpose? I’m talking about driving somewhere unfamiliar at night when you were sure you would get lost kind of scary. Or taking your virgin trip down a ski slope at thirty or getting up the nerve to […]

Think or Sink This Holiday Season

Share  This post is by By Gina Mollicone-Long : There’s no such thing as stress! I love starting conversations during the holidays with this comment because most people are usually at their “wit’s end” and this statement brings their frenzy to a sudden halt. They stare at me with bewildered looks trying to ascertain my […]

Focus on What You Want

Share   This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: “Conquering fear is the doorway to triumph”, said Benedicto – my tour guide in Guatemala. We were about to go on a zip line (canopy tour) on top of the beautiful jungle in Tikal.  I really wanted to go and have fun, but as I was going […]

Think or Sink

Share   This post is by Gina Mollicone-Long: Stress is nonexistent. I know that sounds crazy. But it’s true. Think about it – you can’t put stress in a wheelbarrow. It’s not an actual “thing.” So, what is it? Stress is a decision to classify something as stressful. Stress is a reaction; in many cases, […]

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