Womanhood – the Pinnacle of Strength

Share   This post is by Bibi K.: BE STRONG; BE PATIENT; BE WARY; HOLD FIRMLY TO YOUR BELIEFS; YOU WILL SURVIVE AND SUCCEED. When we come to this country for the first time, it is a very overwhelming experience. Whether we come from a third world country where the socio economic conditions are not […]

Brilliant Woman of the Week – a Story of Persistence and Determination

Share          This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: Her voice tone changed when I asked her how her convocation day was.  I could feel her excitement and her pride from the other side of the line while on the phone with her.  She conquered it and now she is enjoying every minute […]

Immigrant Women – a Different Perspective

Share   This post is by Leigh Naturkach: Every day in my role at the Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF), I hear stories of women and girls facing sometimes unimaginable situations, particularly issues around poverty, violence and trafficking.  At CWF we support programs that work to free Canada’s most vulnerable women from these situations so they […]

What are Your Money Beliefs?

Share  I used to think that in order to take charge of my financial situation I had to hire a financial adviser, open a savings account and find a better paying job. These are all very important steps but, as I found out, they are often not enough. You probably know people who work non-stop, […]

The Power of the WHY

Share   This post is by Adriana Lima: When I moved to London, England, in 2002 I had a dream. I was so naive. I didn’t do my homework very well. I thought I was going to the land of opportunity and dreams. I thought I could move to a new country with no knowledge […]

How to Find a Good Job

Share  I have always struggled to define the concept of “a good job”. Really, what makes “a good job” good? Is it the salary? Is it the distance one has to travel every day to get to work? Is it the benefit package? Is it the company? Or do people choose their jobs for all […]

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

Share  This post is by Fabiana Bacchini: The room was quite dark when I entered it. My heart was beating so hard I thought everybody could hear it.  I felt ridiculous in a baby blue butterfly costume that I once used during the Carnival Parade in Brazil. The scenario, however, was quite different here. I […]

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